July 29, 2013

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Panoramic Photography in the Criminal Justice Sector

Panoramic photography is used in a number of industries, not the least of which is the criminal justice sector. Law enforcement officers rely heavily on forensic photography in order to document evidence, victims and the location of certain crimes. These photographs provide reference to a crime and are used during trial as well as during investigations. 360 photography allows for a wider view of crime scenes and can help to portray locations in fine detail, making it much easier for investigators to do their jobs.

Many law enforcement and forensic photographers today use a number of virtual tour construction and related software programs in order to provide a 360 degree view of crime scenes and locations. Cameras that provide one button photo capture at a 360 degree angle provide massive benefits to officers and help to ensure that these photos are admissible in court. Panoramic views can be created without the need for stitching photos together or altering the original images in any way.

Having the ability to create a one touch panoramic view of a crime scene is not the only reason that criminal justice officials find this type of photography beneficial. Virtual tour construction software provides the ability to create models of specific locations for strategizing. Certain software programs can be used by in-house photographers to easily construct a crime scene location that is interactive and provides much more clarity than traditional photographs.

Motorized pano heads are often used during surveillance operations because they increase the scene or the amount of area that is being documented. These pano heads offer precision control that makes it much easier to see minor changes in the repeated photos taken during surveillance. Many law enforcement agencies have begun to see the benefit of panoramic photography when it comes to surveillance and crime scenes as well as group sessions and strategizing. The images used for panoramic views can be turned into a virtual tour that allows for even more clarity and this is done with the help of certain software programs.

Some photography companies offer bundled packages that give forensic teams everything that they need in order to begin using this type of photography. Certain cameras, lenses and other equipment are typically needed in addition to software programs that allow for creation of virtual tours. Crime scene investigation has come a long way over the past few years. While traditionally used for creating virtual tours of properties and products for sale, panoramic views are now used to help law enforcement reconstruct crime scenes and search for details with greater clarity than ever before. Forensics can now advance to a level of crime scene construction that until this technology, was out of their reach. These photography techniques can make a huge difference in how crimes are solved and in how long it takes to solve them. Law enforcement agencies in larger areas use this technology as standard practice today while those in smaller, rural areas are slowly beginning to see the benefit that panoramic photography can offer.

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June 12, 2013

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Hearing Aid Technology

There have been vast improvements in hearing aid technology in recent years. While, just a decade ago, hearing aids were actually quite simplistic by today’s standards and certainly stood out if you were wearing one, today’s modern and innovative devices are almost invisible to the naked eye as they are so small and they make use of new technologies to give the user the best experience possible. What are these new technologies that today’s hearing aids are making use of and how have they revolutionized the lives of those who use the devices?

Wireless technology, or Wi-Fi, is possible the biggest advancement in everyday life in the last decade and it has had a massive impact on hearing aids. Many of the new hearing aids that are on the market utilize wireless technology and this has many benefits to the wearing. For example, one of the big leap forwards in the design of hearing aids is the fact that it can be controlled wireless and via your Smartphone with an app. For people who are sensitive about wearing a hearing aid and do not want other people to know that they have one then using their phone to control the aid with wireless technology is the perfect solution. There are apps on all platforms that can connect to your hearing aid and from here you can adjust the volume, turn it on or off or change the settings of the aid so it matches the background that you are in. Also, an app called Direct Phone Link 2 allows you to use your hearing aid as a phone. This app connects your phone to the aid and then transmits the phone ring tone to the aid and then the speaker as well so you can listen to the phone call through your hearing aid. The user wears a small button usually on their shirt lapel and by pressing this they can simply start talking and have a conversation through their hearing aid and the button.

Furthermore, many new hearing aides also allow the user to listen to TV, radio or internet streams directly through their device with Wi-Fi. This works by streaming the sound from the program to the hearing aid and you can easily adjust the volume to suit your preferences. This has actually opened a whole new door in terms of where it can take hearing aids next as it could be used in lectures or other public events.

The 21st century hearing aids and the ones that are on the market today are far more advance than anything we have had before. Wi-Fi has undoubtedly played a major role in this transformation and advancement. The new aids today not only provide a much better listening experience for everyday conversations however they also act as speakers for mobile phones and multimedia. The technology that is available today and in the near future is sure to further advance hearing aids and allow those with listening difficulties to hear with ease.

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April 11, 2013

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The Security Benefits of Dedicated Ethernet

Wireless internet has certainly become the norm. Many homes and businesses use wireless internet as a means of connecting with the world. Even in light of the popularity of wireless however, there is something to be said for the security that dedicated ethernet offers. It provides much more reliability than wireless and uses less hardware for installation. With its many advantages, the most notable is the added level of security that it offers over wireless connections.

Having an Ethernet cable directly connected to your desktop does mean that you cannot connect wirelessly to the internet using laptops or smartphones. This however, does have its advantages. It seriously reduces the threat of network hacking, which is one reason that some companies prefer it to wireless. When using a wireless network, you run the risk of others being able to eavesdrop or pick up a signal from your network using a radio frequency. This risk is completely eliminated when you choose an Ethernet cable connection over wireless.

There is some protection for wireless networking users through Wired Equivalent Privacy although hackers have learned a few new tricks for getting around a WEP. As technology changes, hackers are going to have access to better ways of eavesdropping on wireless networks. The security technology may increase but the hacker’s technology will increase as well so it becomes a vicious circle of developing protection against hackers who are constantly gaining on that protection.

An Ethernet system offers enhanced security that virtually eliminates the risk of any data being compromised. In order for a hacker to get into a system with an Ethernet connection, they would need to tap into the networking line physically, which is very difficult. There could possibly be a chance that a hacker could eventually get into your system but this occurrence is very rare. If you require a higher level of security then an Ethernet system is a much wiser choice than wireless.

Businesses that maintain financial, medical or other sensitive records should consider Ethernet systems simply because they offer a higher level of security than wireless. They can help you to better protect this data and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Ethernet systems also give you more bandwidth so you can handle more for your business than you would be able to with a wireless networking connection. Note that wireless connections do often have issues with low signal strength as well. Ethernet systems do not have this problem. Because the line is directly connected to each computer, each desktop will have the same connection strength.

Even though wireless seems to be the way that most businesses handle their connection needs today, Ethernet systems are certainly not to be ruled out. They offer much more security than a wireless connection which is essential for any business that has sensitive data that needs to be protected. This added security is something that you should seriously consider if you are making the choice between Ethernet or wireless networking.

March 19, 2013

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How Important Is Backing Up Your Data?

Protecting your business data is of the utmost importance. In order to continue operating your business during certain periods of system crash and other errors, data backup is essential. If you are not performing regular backups, you could lose all of your business information with just one incident. You have to understand that there are many ways that your system can be damaged. Human error, natural disaster and a complete system crash can all wipe your data clear and not having a backup performed prior to these issues means losing all of your business data to the point that the disaster happens.

Backup systems are readily available today which means that backing up your data is easier than ever. Many businesses prefer offsite servers simply because they offer an added level of security. Backing up your systems onsite is fine for when your system crashes or an employee makes an error but in the event of a natural disaster, fire or other incident that completely wipes out your business, these onsite backups are going to be of no help. Backing up data offsite is a much better idea because no matter what happens at the location of your business, you can always recover your data when you are ready to do so.

Offsite servers provide a large amount of storage and typically offer low costs with regards to using that storage. In the event that an offsite server crashes, which is very rare, most are backed up themselves so you can still recover your data quite easily. Many companies feel that using an offsite server to help store and protect business data is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business and one of the easiest ways to keep that business data safe from a myriad of issues that could affect it.

Independent storage drives are another way that you can back up your data. There are a number of terabyte drives that are very cost efficient and you can purchase them from a number of places. Recovering data from these drives is fairly simple as most are plug and play devices so you simply plug them into your system and your data will be restored. You can find many storage devices in a range of capacities from two terabytes down to a half a terabyte. External drives can be a very effective way to back up your data onsite but again, having an offsite plan in place is just as important to protect you from issues that may affect your entire business.

Onsite and offsite storage should both be considered. While one is not necessarily better than the other, it may be difficult to determine which one is best for your data storage needs. You may also want to think about using both forms of protection. Having data storage onsite is useful in times of system crashes and other issues that do not affect the structure of your system. Offsite storage is also a good idea for those times when major disasters strike and completely wipe out your business storage devices.

March 6, 2013

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What Should You Consider when Choosing a New Smartphone?

Cell phones have changed substantially over the years. In fact, even smartphones have improved with regards to functions and features from their original selves. If you are looking to trade up to a smartphone, there are a few things that you may want to think about before you make the switch. Getting a smartphone means you will have access to various functions that a regular cell phone does not have but it is important that you know which functions are most important to you so that you can ensure you choose the right smartphone for your needs.

Different phones are meant for different things. While all of them will give you basic functions like calling, texting and internet browsing, some offer better features for gaming, social networking and other activities. If you are planning to use your smartphone to play games, and this means playing many different games or playing a couple of games avidly, then you may want to ensure that the phone you select is a good model for gamers. You do not want to end up with a phone that makes your games run slow simply because it does not offer the right processing speed for game playing.

Social networking is a common activity for those with smartphones. Most models will have Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites already plugged in for you to use. If your primary function is to enjoy social media networking on your phone, ensure that you get a smartphone that offers the best experience for social networking. All of the major manufacturers offer popular social networking applications but some may simply work better than others.

Many smartphone models also give you the capability of performing many work related functions as well. Some will be able to handle applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel and will allow you to view and create certain files. If you need to create or edit documents while you travel, you should ensure that the phone you get will allow for these functions.

Most major cell phone service providers offer great deals when it comes to purchasing a smartphone if you also sign up for a two year service plan. You may even be able to get the phone at no additional cost simply because you opt to purchase a service agreement. This is something to check into if you are looking for a new service provider or if your current cell phone is eligible for an upgrade on your existing service plan.

Think strongly about the specific features that you need before you invest in a smartphone or before you exchange your current phone. Visit the provider where you receive cell phone service or one of your choosing if you do not currently have a cell phone service provider and take a look at the current smartphone models that are available. This will ensure that you unselect the specific phone that will give you all the capabilities that you need and the service to go along with the phone that enables it to function properly.

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